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Path to Green Card with the EB5 Visa Investment

Invest in your future with the EB-5 visa that grants you a Green Card, ensuring a permanent life in the United States.

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Do you have access to a minimum of $800,000 USD for investment in a Regional Center project? 
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A quick route to obtaining lawful permanent residency

No specific educational, business or language requirements

No need for an employment offer or family sponsorship

Investing in Your Tomorrow
Your Path to U.S. Residency
Starts Here!

Working with
EB5 Global Bridge

Investment Guidance

We help you navigate through the available investment options, ensuring compliance with EB-5 program requirements.

Legal and Immigration Support

Our network of experienced immigration attorneys will guide you through the legal intricacies of the EB-5 process.

Post-Investment Assistance

We stand by you beyond your investment, offering support until you and your family achieve permanent residency.

Advantages of EB-5 Visa

EB-5 Visa Process

1. Eligibility and Preparing Documents
Begin your journey by registering for the EB-5 Program. We'll assess your eligibility, identify optimal investment options, and meticulously prepare all necessary documents.
1. Eligibility and Preparing Documents
2. Form I-526 Processing
With expert guidance, initiate the filing of Form I-526. This step involves a thorough review of your application, ensuring its completeness and accuracy. Await the approval that marks a significant milestone in your EB-5 journey.
2. Form I-526 Processing
3. I-485 or DS-260 Processing
Considering your residency status, whether in the US or your home country, we will navigate the necessary steps for your Green Card application through the processing of Form I-485 or DS-260.
3. I-485 or DS-260 Processing
4. Visa Interview and Conditional Green Card
Move forward by scheduling and participating in a visa interview. Upon successful completion, you're ready to enter the United States and get your Green Card to the address you provide.
4. Visa Interview and Conditional Green Card
5. Removal of Condition
After two years with your Conditional Green Card, we'll assist you in preparing the necessary documentation showcasing your investment outcomes. File Form I-829 to remove conditions on your Green Card, demonstrating your commitment to the EB-5 program.
5. Removal of Condition
6. Approval of Permanent Green Card
As the final step, anticipate the approval of Form I-829, culminating in the acquisition of your Permanent Green Card. This document solidifies your status as a permanent resident of the United States through the successful completion of the EB-5 Investment Program.
6. Approval of Permanent Green Card